It is not that a neonazi Far-Right is rising as a force external to the Democratic system. It is that the Democratic system has incorporated it into its core and is being consciously nazified by reproducing its agenda…

Burning nazi flags to protest Angela Merkel’s visit to Athens was, to say the least, in bad taste. Though she has been called by columnists in the international Media “the most dangerous German politician since Adolph Hitler”, though the German brand of nationalist neoliberalism may be wrecking any hopes for the European project which might have remained, Ms Merkel is no nazi. I know, I’ve seen the nazis. In Greece.

It is nightmarish, but there it is: we speak about neonazis in Greece and we are being absolutely literal.

Interestingly, though, what brings about this literality is not Golden Dawn’s 7% in the summer elections, not even recent opinion polls that show the popularity of this neonazi party rising by the day, but rather the Democratic system itself through the wanton nazification of its institutions.

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