This coming Tuesday, what I think will be a very interesting discussion -at least in all other respects except my part in it!- will take place at the Jan van Eyck Academie. The organizers, Mary Ikoniadoy & Vasilis Marmatakis, have given it the title “Imagery of Crisis”. Here is how they explain it: 

In the current economic and socio-political climate, there is an emergence and circulation of images related to the crisis.  In the form of photographic images, collages, headlines, cartoons and caricatures, these images, projections or representations appear on national and international press and television channels as well as on the streets, through independent media and the web.

The Imagery of crisis conference will attempt to map the emergence of this imagery within the European Union. More specifically, we will examine the case of Greece through certain moments during the crisis and via specific images.

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