Avanti Europe! is a new online initiative that may appeal to those who believe -or hope- that the European crisis can be faced through European institutions. Anti-austerity, but not anti-European, they have launched a solidarity with Greece campaign. Here’s the video:

It is a big discussion, of course, how one should think of “Europe” in relation to the “EU”. Can we rely on EU institutions to remedy themselves and respond to a demand of a People’s Europe? Can we reasonably suppose that citizen’s initiatives (edit: MEPs are also involved in Avanti Europe!, not just citizens, according to Jon Worth) is what is lacking, and so should we expect that the right amount of pressure from such initiatives could convince EU and national politicians to change their policies?

Avanti Europe! is clearly inclined to think so. Do read their manifesto, it is worth thinking about. You’ll find them here on twitter. And if you want to sign their Solidarity with the Greek People petition, you’ll find that here.


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