An UNFOLLOW magazine reporter received threats on his life by a man self-identified as oil magnate Dimitris Melissanidis of Aegean Oil, after publishing a report that implicates the company in an oil smuggling scandal.The threats were discussed in the plenary session of the Greek Parliament, brought up by SYRIZA spokesman Dimitris Papadimoulis, and answered in true government form by New Democracy spokesman Makis Voridis. Here is a video of the discussion, subtitled in English:

SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left, the Main Opposition party) was evidently alarmed by the alleged threats on reporter Lefteris Charalampopoulos’s life, which were, according to UNFOLLOW magazine, made by Aegean Oil magnate Dimitris Melissanidis. However, what the Opposition seems to also have found worrisome in a larger sense is that through the publicity generated by the magazine’s public announcement of the threats, it was revealed that Mr Melissanidis’s attorney is Mr Failos Kranidiotis, an acute public advocate of authoritarian government, and a close friend and unofficial adviser to the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

Furthermore, what is alarming according to SYRIZA is that while Mr Kranidiotis apparently has the Prime Minister’s ear, his client Dimitris Melissanidis is poised to buy the soon to be privatized OPAP – the state company that holds a virtual monopoly on gambling.

Nea Dimokratia, the right wing party that heads Greece’s current coalition government shrugged off SYRIZA’s questions in a Parliament plenary session, on February 6th 2013, maintaining that there was no political issue in the threats allegedly made by one private citizen against another, and it chastised SYRIZA for needlessly involving the Prime Minister and bothering Parliament.


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